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For the first time ever, GKR Karate opened its 2015 World Cup to a very carefully selected group of sponsorship partners.

Staged at one of the UK’s most prestigious venues, the three-day World Cup experience was, with the help of our sponsors, one of the best events of its type, ever!

We would like to say a massive thank you to all of our sponsors for helping to make the GKR WC8 the huge success that it was!

Towergate Insurance – Specialist Martial Arts Insurers

Cimac – Official distributor of Adidas martial arts equipment

Olive Communications – Offical communications sponsor

DE Photo – Sports and event photography and official WC8 photgraphers

Medals UK – Provider of high quality medals for all occasions and provider of medals to the GKR WC8

The Harcombe Diet – Eating plan from Zoe Harcombe

Rollout Matting – Providers of martial arts matting for the GKR WC8

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Our Sponsors:

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