Training Passes

Training Passes

We have a variety of Prepaid Training Pass options available for GKR Karate members.

Direct Debit is NOW AVAILABLE!

The best value pass by far! For $19.50 per week, you will have access to unlimited karate training! Family discounts also apply with a ‘2 in a family’ rate of only $38 per week, or $49 per week flat fee for a family of up to 5 people! Even better, these rates will be locked in for the entire life of your direct debit agreementyour training fee will never change! This pass is also valid at special classes or regional seminars. (excludes tournaments or special events).

To sign up for direct debit, simply click on the link below, complete your details and your pass will be emailed to you within 2 business days to take to each class. There is nothing more to do!


Other pass options

3 or 6 Month UNLIMITED pass – same benefits as Direct Debit Unlimited Pass but paid in full upfront.

12 Visit Pass – this can be used at any regular GKR Karate class, however they may exclude some regional seminars or special classes. Excludes tournaments. Rates are listed below.

To apply for a 12 Visit Pass or 3 or 6 Month Unlimited pass, please complete the below:


  • A valid GKR Karate membership is required to be presented along with your pre-paid or direct debit training pass.  If you are not a GKR Karate member, please contact us  to discuss becoming a member. New students always welcome!
  • Family Discounts apply to immediate family only ie parents and their children and the applicant must have other family members holding a current Prepaid Training Pass to receive the discount (current passes include students that have purchased a 12 Visit Pass within the last 6 months). De facto families sharing one address may also be eligible.
  • Family members do not have to select the same option to be eligible for the discounted rate.
  • The Training Pass must be presented at each class along with your Membership Card.
  • Your Training Pass is non-refundable.
  • Direct Debit pass holders will receive their digital pass within 2 business days and can be used from their selected start date.
  • For 12 Visit Passes, you will need to pay paying on a ‘per lesson’ basis until card is received. 3 & 6 Month pass holders can take their emailed receipt in to use for confirmation of payment of the pass, while you await your pass to be received in the post.
  12 Visit Pass Per Person 3 Months Unlimited Per Person 6 Months Unlimited Per Person
1 person in family $220 $260 $485
2 people in family $200 $250 $455
3 people in family $180 $220 $425
People in family 12 Visit Pass Per Person
1 $220
2 $200
3 $180
People in family 3 Months Unlimited Per Person
1 $260
2 $250
3 $220
People in family 6 Months Unlimited Per Person
1 $485
2 $455
3 $425

Passes required for:

Pass number 1


To obtain passes for 4+ family members, please contact our Support Centre on 0800 268 644. There is a flat fee of $575 for twelve visit passes for 4+ family members. 

Are there any other immediate family members who have a current Training Pass, but are not purchasing today?

If YES, please list the names of those immediate family members below, to ensure you get the correct family discount.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst 12 visit pass does not expire, only those that have been purchased within the last 6 month will allow you to receive further discounts on your own Training Pass.

All Training Pass purchases will be verified to ensure only current users qualify for this discount.


Add First additional family member with a current pass who is not purchasing one today.


Add Second additional family member with a current pass who is not purchasing one today.