Please Note: All kumite teams will be selected by country directors. All selected team members will be notified prior to the World Cup. Entry fees will be paid at the event. (£50 per team.)


1. I am aware that participation in martial arts, including non-contact GKR tournaments, as with most sports contains a risk of injury.

2. In consideration of my acceptance in the competition, I agree that GKR Karate, its servants and agents and all persons involved in the organisation of the tournament shall be excluded from liability for loss and damage to the fullest extent permitted by law. I accept that this includes exclusion of liability for negligence (other than for death or personal injury) and all indirect or consequential loss or loss of profits arising from participation in the tournament.

3. Photography and filming. GKR Karate permits the photography and filming of competitors in tournaments. It is a condition for acceptance in the competition that the competitor consents to the occurrence of such photography and filming.

4. Protective equipment is compulsory for kumite. Gloves (IGKF/WKF approved only), shin protectors and mouth guards must be worn by all competitors. Groin guards for all male competitors are compulsory. Chest guards are compulsory for all female competitors from 12 yrs+.

I / My son / daughter is capable of taking part in the GKR Karate Tournament. I am willing to allow my son/daughter to participate in the tournament and confirm that they will be attending the tournament with/without a parent/guardian/a nominated person who has agreed to supervise my child. In the event of illness or injury, I agree to authorise members of staff attending/participating in the event to consent on my behalf for an anaesthetic to be administered or any other urgent medical treatment to be given on the advice of a qualified medical practitioner/qualified first-aid officer.